Attention intelligent, independent, motivated young professionals
who want more out of life:

Do you feel dissatisfied
with how much you’ve been achieving? 

Do you find yourself
there were more hours in the day,
or secretly worrying that you’re falling behind?

If you’re like most of my clients, you’re what many people call an “overachiever”.
You’re not content with just being “average”; you know you want
to do something important with your life. You want extraordinary results,
and are willing to do the work it takes to achieve them.

But lately, even though you’ve been working hard,
you’re still not getting the results you want

Have you ever found yourself:


  • Worrying that weeks are slipping by without making significant progress towards your goals?
  • Feeling like there aren’t enough hours in the day to finish everything on your to-do list, much less have any time left over for yourself?
  • Having so many things to do that you sometimes just get overwhelmed and end up doing nothing at all?
  • Feeling frustrated at the end of the day because you don’t know where the time went and still have as many tasks to do as you did this morning?

If you are like many high-achieving busy young professionals, you have probably tried to solve these problems by working harder, saying things like…

  • I’ll get some sleep in a few weeks, after this project is all wrapped up…”
  • “That vacation sounds great, but I can’t afford to take any time off until I’ve caught up on everything.”
  • “I know I should go to the gym but I just don’t have the time to exercise.”
  • Maybe after I finish this proposal things will get easier….”

Office lifeBut deep down, you know this is a trap. As soon as this project is finished, another one is going to take its place. Continuously pushing yourself to work harder and longer can work in the short-term, but it’s not a lasting solution.

Eventually, you’re going to get burned out and break down. You may start to feel so stressed and overwhelmed that you can’t focus, or start procrastinating and avoiding your work.  You could wake up one day and find that you’ve been been blocking out your feelings for so long that you’ve worked yourself into a job that isn’t fulfilling or exciting anymore, and realize that you no longer even care about what you’re doing.  Or you could end up like my client who was so stressed and getting so little sleep he was hospitalized because he felt like he was having a heart attack.

The good news is that it doesn’t have to be this way.

Imagine how your life would be different if you:

  • FFotolia_15189233_XSelt motivated and excited about your work and your life
  • Woke up each morning knowing exactly what to work on that day, and were able to stay focused all day long
  • Knew that you were spending your time wisely and making progress on your most important priorities
  • Felt confident in your ability to handle any challenges that came your way
  • Felt great about yourself because you were on track to achieve your goals and dreams
  • Were able to enjoy the process of achieving your goals, rather than waiting to be happy until you finally achieved the end result
  • Could stop working at the end of the day feeling great about what you had accomplished, and able to shift your focus to other aspects of your life…without those old feelings of guilt or worry about how you really should be working right now

If you could feel this way every day, what would that be worth to you?

I know you can make this change, because I was in the same place you are. And if I can make this shift, you can do it too.  I know what it is like to have high standards for yourself, and how frustrating it can be to feel like you’re working hard every day but not making any real progress towards your most important goals. I know a thing or two about feeling overwhelmed and burned out, and about waking up and realizing that the path you’ve been traveling down has led you somewhere you didn’t really want to go. But because I’ve been through it myself, I also know the solution.

business successI started this business to help busy motivated young professionals like you to become more focused, organized, and productive by changing the way you think about your work and yourself…so you can start accomplishing more in less time, feel confident that you’re spending your time intelligently and are on track to achieve your goals, can spend more time on the things you love and feel proud of your accomplishments, and ultimately achieve the success you so richly deserve.

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